The sanatorium in Tervete was established on June 26, 1924.

The rehabilitation center is located in architectural monument of national significance, in the main building of Tervete Sanatorium, built in 1932 for 250 patients.  The construction of the sanatorium’s 152 meter-long and 3.5 floor high building which cost two million lats (Latvian currency in that time). The building has four floors, useful area 8448 m2, construction volume – 36417 m3, roof area 3500 m2. All wards of the sanatorium are south-facing, spacious, dry, bright and sunny.

The building is built with a 3.5 m high ceiling and 3 m wide corridors, it has 380 windows. The wards have wide doors, there is no any of threshold throughout the building, it is suitable for wheelchair users as well as the elderly. In its central part there is a hall on three floors. The electricity, heat and sewerage system established in 1932 is morally and physically worn out. Only one of the 1932 model elevators is working, it needs reconstruction. In 2017 before the safety inspection of the lift, the cable mechanics were replaced. According to the following concept, it is necessary to reconstruct the whole building.

When carrying out the reconstruction, the works must take into account the fact that the building of Tervete Sanatorium is an architectural monument of national significance and the adjacent lands border with the specially protected nature object – Tervete Nature Park.

SIA Rehabilitation center “Tervete” is an independent economic entity with the status of a legal entity, which with the part of municipal property delimited by it conducts business with the main goal of providing highly specialized medical care in the interests of health care in Latvia.


Changes in the names and treatment profiles of SIA Rehabilitācijas centrs “Tērvete” in the period from 1924 to 2021

Year Names
1924. gads Latvijas Sarkanā Krusta Jelgavas nodaļas Kalnamuižas

Sanatorija diloņslimniekiem

1934. gads Latvijas Sarkanā Krusta Tērvetes sanatorija
1944. gads LPSR Veselības aizsardzības Tautas komisariāta Valsts

II tuberkulozes slimnīca „Tērvete”

1946. gads LPSR Veselības aizsardzības ministrijas Valsts Tuberkulozes sanatorija „Tērvete”
1966. gads Republikāniskā tuberkulozes sanatorija „Tērvete”
1992. gads Valsts rehabilitācijas slimnīca „Tērvete”
1994. gads Bezpeļņas organizācija Valsts uzņēmums Kurzemes

Novada rehabilitācijas centrs „Tērvete”(saīsināti BOVU KNRC „Tērvete”)

2004.gads Valsts sabiedrība ar ierobežotu atbildību Rehabilitācijas

centrs „Tērvete”

2007. gads – līdz šodienai Sabiedrība ar ierobežotu atbildību Rehabilitācijas centrs

„Tērvete” (saīsināti  SIA RC „Tērvete”).